Trip to Seville


Real Alcazar from Seville

Seville’s beauty is very well-known by visitors to Spain, as it has a delicious weather all year-long and it is an excellent city to admire beautiful Moorish architecture. The city was occupied by Moors for over 600 years, make sure you get to see the main attractions starting with the Alcazar. The Alcazar was originally a Moorish fort the palace is quite big and covering it can take long, so head straight to the main “patios”: the House of Trade and the Courtyard of the Maidens. In addition make sure you do not miss the gardens and the park, you will have the chance to rest a little while observing peacocks walking around mosaics and wall carvings.

For culture wizards I would definitely recommend visiting the Golden Tower and Plaza España, these two are for free however you will have to pay entrance to visit the Alcazar.


My Intinerary

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